Sports and Logo design

I’ve recently came became fond of the sports styles of logo designs. After watching a few college football games a noticing how horrible their identity designs are I took a look back on a few of my favorite designs.

First off I found my love for logo design and simple little marks or “icons” after seeing Aaron Draplin‘s youtube video about what he does in his design studio! Seeing and hearing the enthusiasm this man has for “little crusty” things really made me rethink my past experiences with design. As a kid I always enjoyed the beauty of the little things embroidered on my basketball shorts. To the Foodlion Brand logo on a box off their corn flakes cereal!

After taking a few logo design courses I began my journey down the rabbit hole of logo design and stumble across “sports logos”. After seeing a few works from a great designer named Fraser Davidson I knew it was something I wanted to dig into. Mainly for the fact that these Mascot logos seemed to have a more “Illustrative” approach to the concepts. Just think about it, the Philadelphia Eagles have an actual Eagle as their logo! You can even look at the Denver Lions mascot as well, nothing but beautiful lines on that thing!

Recently I’ve also came across quite a few new sports designs on a few portfolio websites. Mainly on Behance! Its a free portfolio website where designers from all across the world can upload and present their latest and greatest graphic designs and projects for the community to view and critique. One of my favorite designers at the moment is Derrick Stratton, also known as Dase Designs. To check out my new friend Derricks best works, Sports Logos and identity designs check out his website at  . Some of his work has a new aged gaming logo style for eSports Teams in the digital age! However some of his works still include the more original style of previous generations Sports logos.

He recently created a pretty awesome design for an Alaskan High School that goes by the name of the “Hutchison Hawks” you can check out the project here Hutchison Hawks Sports Logo  The design has a great illustrative approach to their primary and secondary marks starting it off with a full body hawk design. The secondary is a reverse version of the head of the hawk to resemble their previous Brand Identity design!

While doing all of this I came to realize my love for logo design, and the sports style of team logos as well! So in the end after all of my research I have came in contact with the names listed in this blog to further my research and understand their craft.